Image result for Richard L ZorekRichard L Zorek   Born in Denver, Colorado in July 1960, the middle child son of Edward and Lucille Zorek.  We moved to South Dakota in the late 60s and I moved to Rapid City in 1977. I became an activist in the 80s, as a founder of the South Dakota Moral Action Crusade and active member of Rapid City Right to Life and the Black Hills Christian Action Council. I worked as a volunteer briefly in Tom Daschle’s West River Office. I worked on campaigns for Dale Bell, Jim Abnor, and Bob Dole. I picketed the Rapid City Journal for it’s censorship policy on it’s editorial page. I ran for Rapid City City Council in 1987. And several times ran a “tongue in cheek” campaign for the US Presidency, with the goal of emphasizing some of the “silly” issues that become issues, the last time being the early 90s which got attention from the Rocky Mountain News and local Denver television.
I started a local info newsletter in about 1984, originally called “The Inquisition” (For “inquiring minds.”) It has gone through several variations and names (Blipverts, Generations, over the years up to its current online variation at
I have been published as a freelance writer in various minor publications since the 80s. And have traveled from Washington to Washington DC.
I was one of the invited participants in the Kansas City debate between John Ashcroft and Mel Carnahan, a couple days before Mr. Carnahan’s untimely death. In Independence I opposed the building of the new hospital and the tyrannical use of eminent domain. Today my concern is turned toward Kansas City and issues involving credit and background profiling, landlord/tenant issues, business relations and the plight of the uninsured, among other things.
Two Bits Media Collectibles (previously called “Abbey Road Music”), was established for collecting various forms of “media” for resale and to aid in funding various projects. Two Bits Media of Kansas City is the umbrella organization under which operates tv box app.