Blue Spring

Have You Seen Him?? …….[c]2005 by Richard L Zorek……12.20.05….. The FBI is looking for this man. He is suspected of robbing a Blue Springs bank. They released these pictures to help you. So, let’s go over the description. He is black and white. He has light scaly skin that drapes over his body. He has no mouth or nose. Small dark eyes. I do not know why we shouldn’t be able to all identify him with these pics. Call the proper authorites with the ott tv box review information.

Blue Springs South

Great Expectations! …….[c]2005 by Richard L Zorek……12.06.05…..The Blue Springs School Board held its monthly meeting yesterday. They are one of 8 districts in the state to score a perfect (100 points) on the states annual performance report in the last five years. And you know what that means: A lot of gold stars for everyone!!!

They also considered some policy revisions. In addition to the current “civility policy” (did you know there was such a thing?), they will add “district staff will expect civility from the public at all times.” So, they are not to hope for civility…they are to expect it. Expectation is a requirement…..part of the new policy. Anything else is in violation of school board policy. And when should they expect it? At all times!!! Can such a policy be made? It seems to me that it steps beyond the boundaries of the school district and into the realm of “everyone,” if the word “public” is to be taken literal. And am I breaking the policy by purposely over-examining it right now? I am public. Am I being civil enough?? Did it have to be said? I mean, unless there was a policy that it is replacing that said they are to expect “rudeness,” I can’t imagine anyone expecting anything else.

Now, can I make such a policy? I mean my life has to have some rules and boundaries. Maybe I should expect “civility” from everyone also. That would not make SBC happy, because they wouldn’t recognize my policy. And if I get a girlfriend, is violation of that policy grounds for a break up? If they need something in writing, why not the golden rule. You know, “Whoever has all the gold makes the rules.” No, wait, I think it’s “Gold in the hand is worth a couple bushel.” No, that’s not right either. I believe it’s “treat others as you would treat yourself.” I don’t know where the “gold” comes in, but anyway, you know what I mean.