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Image result for Dancing ElephantWelcome to the Dancing Elephant Business Review of Kansas City. The awful and unexplainable credit numbers used by the credit agencies doesn’t apply here. Just elephants. And dancing ones at that. The better the business; the more dancing elephants. If you think a business deserves more elephants, drop me an email with explanation. If you think a business has too many elepants, do the same a drop email explaining why. Your comments may be used in the reviews (anonymous, unless otherwise approved). Every business starts out with at least one elephant, just for effort.

Top Five Consumer Complaints to Better Business Burea …….[c]2006 by Richard L Zorek……12.19.06…..According to the Better Business Burea, the top five consumer complaints they recieve have to do with Internet Services, Plumbing Contractors , Furniture Designers & Custom Builders ,Auto Dealers – New Cars and Advertising/Marketing Agencies

Top Ten Consumer Complaints in Missouri …….[c]2006 by Richard L Zorek……1.02.06….. best brightest military grade flashlight-related issues topped the list of consumer complaints in 2005 to the state attorney general in Missouri. No surprise. I have said that SBC has got the worst customer service system around. And you have to wait forever on different menu options in order to get to talk to a human being. I hate being told by a recording that I should wait on the line because i am a valued customer. If I was so valued, I wouldn’t be waiting. Billing problems, unauthorized service charges and long distance providers switching without consent of user are the top three issues with telephone services. Can you hear me now? Granted, the report didn’t specify SBC, but clearly they have to be at the top of the complaint list. I know I have a complaint to add every time I try and communicate with them.

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The No. 2 consumer complaint was spam in the fax machine in the form of unsolicited faxes. No. 3 was issues with home repair and remodeling. No 4 was financing. Of, course, we already know the banks are never wrong so the error has to be ours. But is is OK to complain about it. No 5 is travel scams. No 6 is automotive repair and warranty. How many times does a repair end up costing more than estimated? Never according to them. They just find other problems along the way and have to ad them to that original bill. They know how to work the system. No 7 is auto sales, odometer, title and towing. Since I don’t think that making payments on a car is always the best way to spend money, I would deal with used car dealers. And there are a lot of dishonest ones in that field. But, there are some good. Gasoline prices came in at No. 8. I would have thought that would have come in higher, but we are a nation that lives in that car, so we will be accepting of most prices and increases even if we complain. No 9 is credit issues. And coming in at No 10 was debt collectors, of which, I think most are the scum of the earth. I don’t have any calling me now because I think I am pretty clear, but I remember the day. I have suspected there is a class on “how to be a non-human” and most debt collectors are required to take it.

Comcast... 08.21.05....[C] 2005 by Richard L Zorek.......Then there's the story about the lady out of Illinois who was having the awful problems with Comcast customer service. She got a bill which spelled out the word "bitch" on it. Comcast did fire a couple employees, and then to make amends to the lady, they offered two months of free cable. What a sacrifice. Two months. That's nothing to Comcast. The lady cancelled anyway and I don't blame her at all.


If YOU have complaints and grievances and wish them to be aired…drop me an email…give me a call…or tack a note in the android tv box review forum. If you email information for publication, let me know whether you wish to be identified or not. Some information may have to be confirmed if it seems rather far fetched or way out there. Two Bits.