Victims of Divorce and Betrayal

March 17, 2017
I have been betrayed many times in my life. I have been hurt by people that i trusted. I have shed tears. I have lashed out in anger. I have responded in ways that seem childish or stupid. I have considered revenge and in some wasy enacted revenge. Mostly, I hurt. And I hurt a lot. Maybe I am oversensitive, but regardless, I am human. As a Christian, it was easy for me to say "I forgive," but yet harbor anger. I really didnt forgive. It was just a religious expression. However, true forgiveness is the only antedote to the hurt and pain of betrayal. I had to let them off the hook. My unforgivenss is not doing anything to them ....but it was doing horrible things to me. Yes, forgiveness is a choice. But then how do we deal with the emotions? We dont forget things that happened. We are human. Everytime I think of the person who betrayed me...I pray for them. I pray for their success. I pray that God will draw them close to them. Ask yourself about the one you claim you have forgiven: are you praying for them? If the idea of them provokes you to anger or great memories of hurt and pain, then there are things unresolved and in order for you to get the freedom you need.....you need to resolve them now. This very minute. Your future and your health depends on it.
Email me if you need some advice. This site has been up since the spring of 2000. I will be revamping some of the pages and articles in order to deal with my new realization and prespective on this. Thanks. Richard L Zorek.


Welcome to “Victims of Divorce and Betrayalweb site. If you are hurting as a result of betrayal, especially through a divorce situation, some of the following pages may help you….or, at the least, let you know that you are not the only one.