I was raised on television. Not very nutritional, of course, but I survived it. Or, at least, physically. Mentally, I am scarred for life. I can remember episodes of “Gilligans Island” but don’t remember some of the stuff I was supposed to have learned in history class in school.

Best of the Best in Kansas City News:
[c] 2007: Two Bits Media of Kansas City®
Best Reporters: Bev Chapman (KMBC-9), Michelle Rooney (KMBC-9)
Best Meteorologists: Erin Little (KMBC-9)
Best Anchor: Karen Fuller (KCTV 5), Carol Long (KCTV 5), Laura Thornquist (WDAF-4)
Best Traffic Reporter: Johnny Rowlands (KMBC-9)


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“Shivan Sarna”

REVIEW: HSN: Shivan Sarna: Shivan (from New York) is a former motivational speaker, taught yoga, and had a yoga TV show. She says she has a “passion” for health and helping people. She is the first shopping network host I ever “flipped” over, if I can use that term. That just means I thought she was so nice and so attractive that if I was still 12 years old I would have joined her fan club and put her pictures all over my wall. As an adult, though, I guess all one does is “flip” and keep the walls as they are. Back when I edited, she was voted the most attractive female on TV (by my decisive vote, of course). I emailed her and let her know (thinking it might make her feel good), but being naive, I wasn’t aware of the all the “odd” characters that some of the attractive female hostesses were attracting. In hindsight, I am sure it was another “odd” email. At any rate, she is still one of the best, one the most attractive, and one of the most “flipped” over hostesses on HSN (or QVC for that matter). Always worth watching. Soft spoken, easy going, sense of humor. (01.26.07. Richard L Zorek)


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REVIEW: HSN: Allison Waggoner: Soft spoken, easy going 5’10” hostess usually on in the early morning. Attractive and became even more attractive with her new hair style (Based on a whole lot of forum input that I read). Comes off as the kind of person you would want as your best friend. (01.26.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“Ellen Degeneres”

REVIEW: Ellen Degeneres: Ellen is quick qitted, hilarious, and seems to have a very giving heart. For afternoon entertainment value, this is one of the best. It is little wonder her show keeps winning awards. I enjoyed the prime time show she used to have. (01.22.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“American Idol”

REVIEW: American Idol: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson. Just entering its sixth season, it appears to be a show that isn’t going to stop. But, it is a show that has entertainment for all. It is usally as enjoyable to watch the people in the auditions as it is to watch those who actually make the competition. Though it is kind of sad that some of the people in the auditions probably think they can sing. It’s like that awful karaoke singer who gets up and sings everytime because she or he has convinced themselves they truly have talent. Clearly, some show up just to get on TV and be part of the “in” thing even though they know they have no talent. All the controversies that follow the show are just soundbytes that make it stronger. And every competition….if it is really looking for a true winner….needs critic like Simon. As the new season premiered, two issues kept American Idol before the press: an interview with Paula Abdul where she appeared drunk or falling asleep, and some really cruel comments by the judges toward some contestants. Excecutive Producer Ken Warwick, however, made no apologies. And why would he? The cruel comments could have been edited out, but they were purposely left in. That was no mistake. And, I dont think there is anything going on with Paula as far as drugs, but maybe she is a better actress than we give her credit for. The incidents bought them soundbytes and new interest in the show. American Idol does not have “controversies,” just calculated PR stunts. And they work every year. (01.21.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“The Soup”

REVIEW: The Soup w/Joel McHale: Joel probably says everything about the reality shows that we either said, or at least, thought under or breathe. It’s pretty much the best of the worst….or the worst of the best. Guess it’s a matter of perspective. It’s kind of a revamped version of “Talk Soup,” with a broader range. This skewers the culturally relevant from CNN to QVC. I enjoy the wit and entertianment. (01.19.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“Janice Dickinson”

REVIEW: Janice Dickinson: Modeling Agency: This show could easily be called several things: How to be a bitch in just a few easy lessons. How to be cheap and superficial. How to be Rude, Crude and Obnoxious. The advertisement for the Oxygen TV show says the show “isn’t created from fake contests or contrived situations.” But, once it is filmed in front of the camera for a “reality” TV show, it is nothing but overly contrived. (01.17.07. Richard L Zorek)

“The View”

REVIEW: The View: This used to be a great show. Meredith Vieira, Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Star Jones. Well Star disappeared. Meredith went on to a better gig on NBC. The show could have still been entertaining. But then here comes Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie seems to be someone who just like to shoot from the hip with uninformed opinions, and she doesnt ask questions later. She also seems to dominate the show, which probably wouldnt be bad if she had a clue what she was talking about. If she ever leaves I might watch the show again. (01.12.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“David Letterman”

REVIEW: Late Night with David Letterman: Since Johnny Carson retired, I believe Letterman has been the king of late night TV. And as far as “off the wall” humor during the late night…he has always been the king. He may not have the edge he had when he was younger, but I dont think its because of age….it’s because so many people saw his success that they then duplicated it. So, it becomes more common. But Letterman lead the way. Stupid Pet Tricks, Stupid Human tricks, etc. The Top Ten is always favorite and 9 and a half times out of ten very funny. Paul Schaeffer is clearly not a comedian, but he knows music and seems to have a connetion with big name artists. (01.12.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“Giada De Laurentiis”

REVIEW: Everyday Italian: If you like Italian Food, you might like this show on the Food Network. If you like to cook Italian Food…you will enjoy this a lot. You will probably enjoy Giada, also. She is a true Italian born in Italy. And even if you don’t like cooking, it’s enjoyable to hear her whisper “oooh smells so good…” (01.12.07. Richard L Zorek)


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“Sharon Scott”

REVIEW: Jewelry TV: Sharon Scott: After the jewelry, what’s the best thing about Jewelry TV? Sharon Scott, of course. The former model, actress brings an excitement and energy to to jewelry sales. Very personable and enjoyable to watch. Great fashion sense and awesome hair. Though, Jewelry TV often looks like it it a cable show being filmed out of someones basement, Sharon makes up for it. (01.12.07. Richard L Zorek)

“Donald Trump”

REVIEW: The Apprentice I enjoyed the first couple seasons of the show. It was one of the few shows I watched loyally. It was a challenge to the mind for the thinking person. And it was interesting to see how peoples thought processes worked. All to avoid Donald Trump’s “you’re fired!” Now the premise os taken a little turn as it goes to Los Angeles: the winners stay in a mansion and the losers sleep in a tent??? The show has kind of been like a season long job interview, but if I had perspective employer suggest this…no matter who he is…I would say “you’re nuts!.” I had heard the show was losing viewership………..and maybe this desparate move is a sign that that is so. (01.07.07. Richard L Zorek)

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